XiltriX is the industry standard in network-based, real-time laboratory monitoring, data logging and alarm systems worldwide.

XiltriX records and alarms the temperature of all laboratory storage equipment in real time, 24 hours a day, locally via an internal network or through the internet. The system can also be set for other important parameters as it covers many different options for failure reporting and follow-up protocols including door opening, pressure, CO₂, O₂, particle counting, and VOCs. The system also offers our partners wired or wireless solutions, or a combination of both, for total flexibility.

XiltriX is the solution for every quality system as it meets the highest worldwide standards such as the FDA, GLP and 21 CFR part 11. We support our partners at every stage in the laboratory monitoring process whether it be specifications, programming, maintenance, calibration and validation of the XiltriX system.

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