High quality data management is imperative for good results in any IVF laboratory. The sensitivity of embryos requires the equipment and environment to provide the most stable conditions for viable embryo development. Deviations of any kind can be detrimental to the quality of the growth media or even the viability of the embryos themselves.

All conditions must be managed to prevent damage and loss of embryos.

XiltriX is used by IVF clinics across Europe and the USA. We offer the most accurate information and reports during each patient’s IVF journey from their initial visit and the freezing of gamete samples to fertilization and embryo development until the moment of transfer. XiltriX fits seemlessly into your laboratory Quality Control procedures giving you full traceability and the precise information required during clinic audits and compliance with regulatory guidelines. XiltriX protects your IVF Science in real-time, protecting your patients’ dreams.