Cryo storage is increasing rapidly worldwide in both liquid nitrogen storage as well as vapour phase storage.  XiltriX has made it possible to to receive very detailed data from your tanks and repositories directly into the XiltriX user interface. This is both convenient and very cost effective. This new initiatve is called CryoXiltriX.

CryoXiltriX is compatible with all types and brands of cryogenic vessels from small and large liquid vessels to small and large vapour phase vessels.

Liquid vessels are measured
using a pt100

  • Data on both minimum level and temperature
  • Data on vessel filling and lid openings

Vapour phase vessels are measured using
a pt100 and digital input

  • Data on temperature at warmest position
  • Data on when vessel controller senses a problem

NextGen Cryobanking

CryoXiltriX brings real-time data management to your cryobank whatever its size.

  • Data on real-time liquid level & temperature measurements
  • Data on filling action is recorded and alarmed
  • Data on lid movements is recorded and alarmed
  • Data on power failure is recorded and alarmed
  • Data on the vessel general alarm is recorded and alarmed
  • Huge savings on nitrogen gas consumption
  • Can be retrofitted to all brands of vessels

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