Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals & Healthcare

The scalability of the XiltriX data management system is proven through its adoption by many large multidisciplinary hospitals. XiltriX historically enters through one department and as news of its success and reliability spreads throughout the hospital, other departments adopt the solution too until all laboratories and banks are managing their scientific processes and data through XiltriX. XiltriX supports systems with multiple thousands of sensors safeguarding multiple Billions of Euros of value.


Depending on the type of hospital, there are lot of challenges. First of all not every department has to adhere to the same quality accreditations. This ranges from HACCP for the patient food kitchen to FDA/GMP accredited department for the production of medicine and radioactive isotopes. To supply one platform that complies with every norm and still works and is affordable for everybody is a challenge in itself.

Secondly a hospital is a large entity with multiple departments, all with its of funding. Part internally, part externally. Most hospitals do not have a monitoring and alarm quality policy that is effective for every department. This means that funding a hospital-wide system is financially difficult. Although XiltriX has developed several innovative solutions for this,  upgrading to a centralised policy is better.

Benefits of XiltriX in any hospital

Building a monitoring and alarm system with a proper 24/7 support, redundancy, maintenance and calibration that adhere to all relevant accreditations is not an easy task. By being able to share a hardware and software platform, users can save themselves a lot of trouble and investment. Bigger hospitals usually have a dedicated team in charge of handling all non-user related issue, implementations and logistics around maintenance and installation. This hour glass model is the ideal balance between serving more than 1000 individual users and being able to respond to any situation quickly and correctly.

The solution offered will be tailored to the needs of the individual departments. Calibrations for most parameters can even be offered with an ISO-17025 accreditation. This is even possible for temperature sensors down to -196°C. The software can be installed both on on premise or private cloud systems or on a cloud server with a redundant internet solution. All solutions can be GMP/FDA validated making them compliant to even the highest standards used in a hospital environment.

If you would like to know more about XiltriX, let me know.

Han Weerdesteyn

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First of eight XiltriX installations ART Fertility India commissioned

XiltriX was already used successfully for many years in the Middle East; ART Fertility Clinics choose XiltriX as monitoring system.
Labvision Cryo for Life

Labvision reports about XiltriX and Cryo Products joint project in Brazil

In the most recent Labvision a nice piece was printed about the joint project of XiltriX International and Cryo Products. The installation has been running very well for a prolonged period of time and has recently been expanded with scales, weighing the liquid Nitrogen, with XiltriX real-time monitoring also successfully integrated.

“Alarming can be fine-tuned locally as well as remotely. Furthermore the system is very robust on a hardware level and there are very few failures. And even when failures do occur, they are dealt with swiftly and reliably.”

Mr Rick van der Heyden
Department of Clinical Physics
The Reinier de Graaf Group – SSDZ Hospital location Delft

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