XiltriX delivers real time monitoring, data logging and alarm solutions with hardware and software to handle virtually any situation. It is for this reason that XiltriX is used in many and varied industries. Every industry has its own intricacies and accreditation needs. The XiltriX platform and hardware can be deployed in such a way that it will fit the requirements of each of these industries whilst adhering to the relevant standards.

Some of our key sectors include:

  • Biobanking and Cryobanking
  • IVF and ART
  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Biotech Pharmaceuticals
  • Laboratories and Research
  • Blood and Tissue banks
  • Food industry

If you would like to know more about XiltriX, let me know.

Han Weerdesteyn

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XiltriX real-time monitoring is a key solution for many market sectors.

“The hospital pharmacy of the Rijnstate Hospital in Arnhem has been a satisfied user of a validated XiltriX monitoring system for more than 10 years. The purchase of the XiltriX-system was at that time prompted by two things, on the one hand the monitoring of fridges and freezer, on the other hand the possibility to log these parameters and to be able to access them later.”

Bert Rietdijk Sr.
Department Head Pharmacy
Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem

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