Blood & Tissue banks

Blood & Tissue banks

We have seen major technological advances in blood and tissue bank relating to blood collection, component separation, storage, and virus detection. The ready availability of safe and compatible blood products is essential. The quality of blood and blood component processing and storage is key as well as the standard operating procedures from the moment the blood is received as this impacts directly on the quality of the product.

XiltriX provides data on all procedures and processes for complete traceability from the movement of platelet agitators to the storage of red blood cells. The data covers all equipment and environmental parameters. Via automatic alarms users are informed of any deviations. Full audit trails and alarm data make the system compliant to regulatory guidelines. With the addition of our compliance and validation services, XiltriX continually protects your Science.

Parameters & Process

Devices used in the creation of blood and tissue products are not always switched on. Also, they do not always have the same set point. In the freezing of plasma for example, blast freezers are used that are switched on when loaded with a warm batch of plasma. It is imperative this plasma is cooled down as quickly as possible. XiltriX is clever enough to sense the switching on of the plasma freezer and will keep track of the speed with which the plasma is cooled down. If this takes too long the user is automatically notified of the deviation and has to take corrective action. When the cycle is complete the system will automatically switch the sensors off again.

Thrombocyte shakers

Another innovative solution is the shaking sensor. This sensor will detect the shaking motion, independently from the performance and power of the platelet agitator. When the platelets are stationary for too long, they can get damaged and can no longer be offered to patients. The sensor can be customised to alarm after just the right amount of delay, integrating with the blood banks procedures. The total value of one platelet agitator can run up to €50k. Being able to prevent this kind of damage gives control to the blood bank staff, but will also safeguard against financial loss.

QC & validation

Aside from being able to measure all the desired sensors, XiltriX will also present the correct and relevant data to the relevant people in the organization. Alarms will be tailored to the people; XiltriX will find the right person to take corrective action automatically. Multiple layers of cascading alarms safeguard against malfunctions and a complete IQ, OQ and optional PQ protocol adhere to the most stringent accreditation regulations.

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Han Weerdesteyn

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“In fact it would be relevant to mention that through XiltriX we could ascertain that one of our platelet
agitators suddenly stopped working therby we were able to prevent product loss.”

Dr Rema Menon
Blood bank Medical Officer
Apollo Hospitals Ltd., Chennai, India

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