Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Quality in the Pharmaceutical industry has always been highly regulated by various drug control agencies. Governing bodies, like the FDA (21 CFR part 11), have set strict rules guidelines for traceability, data integrity and validation documentation to minimize errors and improve reproducibility in the process. ISO, GLP, GMP, and GAMP 5 incorporate the same guidelines to achieve process excellence. The very importance of XiltriX is to proportion data in order to clearly understand process deviations and correct them at the critical times.


Most Biotech and pharma companies are in a state of continuous flux. This means that they are constantly changing their research & production environment to keep up with the fast changes in the companies and science. This means there is no room for error and every change has to be planned and executed to perfection. Working together with technical consultants, clean room builders, QA (validation) staff and the operators is not always easy. With more than 30 years of experience XiltriX has successfully completed many of these projects.


Measuring temperature is not that difficult, but measuring a large number of differential pressure or digitally integrating particle counters in real-time whilst also adhering to the EU GMP Annex 1 update 2008 means digitally integrating the counters. XiltriX integrates with Lighthouse 5104, Apex R5 and R5P counters. The XiltriX software allows for reporting in counts/ft3, counts/m3 with and without rolling average. Because of the parallel data acquisition, XiltriX can measure all attached sensors many times per minute.

Efficient Cleaning & Workflow

Aside from the obvious difficulty in building a clean room, the project plan needs to take into account the challenges in keeping clean rooms clean. This means reducing disruptions and visits to the actual room down to an absolute minimum. Placing the hardware in the ‘dirty’ area helps with this goal. It makes maintenance less disruptive, malfunction solving quicker without the need to clean or revalidate the clean room afterwards. XiltriX has multiple options of prefab cabinets that integrate perfectly with the customers environments and have optional Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) built-in.

CO incubators are also a challenge because placing sensors inside incubators is an inherent contaminations risk, it is imperative that sensors are sterile when they are placed inside an incubator. This is not always possible because sensors cannot always be sterilized. By using the XiltriX CO substation sampling system, this problem can be avoided. It mitigates the need for placing sensors inside the incubators and adds automatic 2-point calibration for the internal sensor.

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Han Weerdesteyn

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Case Study – Erasmus MC Central Biobank relies on XiltriX for Risk Mitigation

The Central Freezer Facility started in the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam started with 56 Nordic Freezers containing up to 164.640 samples.

Case Study – XiltriX partnering with IVF Group Ferty9 Fertility Center, India

The Ferty9 IVF group has taken the next steps in optimizing quality by installing XiltriX cloud monitoring in the Kukatpally lab, India.

XiltriX at Laborama 2024 – Brussel Expo – Hall 3, Booth G18

XiltriX International is happy to join into the 24th edition of the Laborama, The main event for the laboratory industry, taking place on 14 & 15 March.

“The system gives us the security that we are in constant control of all our equipment and rooms and, if there are any deviations, we will be notified and appropriate action can be undertaken.”

Bert Rietdijk
Department Head Pharmacy
Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem

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