History of XiltriX

History of XiltriX

XiltriX has more than 30 years of experience in building monitoring and alarm systems in laboratory environments worldwide

XiltriX has a rich history that dates back multiple decades. The foundation of XiltriX is based in the company “Technisch Buro IKS b.v.” that was found in 1987 in Heukelum. At first the company was providing maintenance services for laboratory devices, but soon request from customers came to provide new devices as well. In those days, digitalisation was not as big in laboratories as it is today, the Dutch government however made it mandatory for water quality laboratories and blood bank to have a rigorous quality system in place. Since this was very difficult to maintain manually, customers reached out to Technisch Buro IKS to build a digital monitoring system. Our colleague, Mr. Jos Spronk (still working with us today!), built the first iterations of the monitoring system, in those days called the JS system. The computer software was based on DOS and the devices required a lot of wires. The system however was well accepted and the acceptance of the market was very good.

JS-64 System on a DOS computer

Technisch Buro IKS start growing

In the years following the birth of the JS-system, the company was growing rapidly selling microbiological and biotechnology laboratory solutions, supported with the monitoring system. As the company grew, it was moved from Heukelum to Leerdam to a much bigger location. Step by step more people were hired until the total number of staff was roughly 25 strong. I, Han Weerdesteyn, joined the company in April 2001 freshly graduated from the University of Nijmegen with a Masters degree in Biology. In those days, the regulation surrounding pharmaceutical production environments (specifically 21 CFR part 11) was getting more and more enforced. This meant companies were looking for systems like JS-2000 because of its advanced functionality and user friendly design.

XiltriX is born

Because of the regulatory enforcement, the decision was made to build a new platform from the ground up, compliant to all relevant FDA/GMP regulations and adhering to the V-shaped life Cylce Model. A development team of roughly 5 people was formed with in house hardware and software developers. After 2 years of development the first version of the software (back then still called JS-2003) was borne! The name was soon after changed to XiltriX which remains the name today. XiltriX was one of the first systems with a web interface with rich web browser functionality. It was fast, stable and user friendly. At that time most competitive systems were antiquated and difficult to maintain.

Older version of XiltriX software


Technisch Buro IKS was continuously growing and merged with the company Contell in 2006 to form the company Contell-IKS. Together the companies had 60 staff and the offices were moved to a new location in the town of Zaltbommel. Here the two companies tried to serve the market with a turn-key solution for laboratories with monitoring systems, calibration, maintenance and support. The marriage between the companies was unfortunately short-lived and in 2007 IKS International was founded. IKS International moved to a new premises in Rosmalen in 2008 which is still our headquarters today.

XiltriX office Rosmalen HQ

IKS International is growing

In the years after 2008, IKS International started growing quickly. With innovative equipment for several kinds of laboratories, IKS International was a well known brand. The percentage of XiltriX systems vs. equipment revenue was growing every year in favour of XiltriX. XiltriX was, and still is, market leader in the domestic market with 75% of the Teaching Hospitals, 90% of all IVF labs and 90% of all blood banks using XiltriX for multiple decades. After a short adventure in India, a new company was opened in the United Stated in San Diego in 2017. Mr. Stephen Tierney, CEO of IKS International, moved to San Diego to become president of XiltriX NA, and Mr. Erik van Stek took over as CEO.

XiltriX NA office building

Cooperation and integrations

Working together on many project, XiltriX has integrations with multiple companies and devices in the market. The CryoXiltriX integration was achieved with the company Cryo Solutions in ‘s-Hertogenbosch which integrates the cryogenic CryoFill controller with the XiltriX platform, resulting in a unique product in the market. Aside from this, XiltriX also digitally integrated with Particle counters from the company Lighthouse. This means XiltriX has become a total solution provider for highly accredited GMP laboratories in multiple industries.

Total focus on XiltriX

In 2018, IKS International was selling more XiltriX than equipment and the decision was made to focus solely on XiltriX. The name of the company was changed to XiltriX International and the equipment that was sold, was taken over by the company Bornell. With the name change all available resources, both staff and financial were focussed on XiltriX. More staff was taken on to re-enforce this process with more than 26 staff on the payroll to date. In 2022 the next step in the expansion process was to open up a new office in Düsseldorf Germany. With German staff, XiltriX will expand its presence into the German market in the upcoming years.

What’s next

XiltriX feels very strongly about controlling both hardware and software development. All substations are designed by XiltriX, also the next generation of IOT driven hardware. 2023 will be a very exciting year with new hardware and new software platform launches. Expanding the existing cloud solution with multi-tenant functionality will make monitoring more accessible for smaller labs, whilst not having to worry about support, service and maintenance of the IT solutions. Please follow our XiltriX International LinkedIn profile for exciting updates on new product launches.

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24 June 2022 – Rosmalen

Han Weerdesteyn – CCO

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Han Weerdesteyn

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Case Study – Erasmus MC Central Biobank relies on XiltriX for Risk Mitigation

The Central Freezer Facility started in the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam started with 56 Nordic Freezers containing up to 164.640 samples.

Case Study – XiltriX partnering with IVF Group Ferty9 Fertility Center, India

The Ferty9 IVF group has taken the next steps in optimizing quality by installing XiltriX cloud monitoring in the Kukatpally lab, India.

XiltriX at Laborama 2024 – Brussel Expo – Hall 3, Booth G18

XiltriX International is happy to join into the 24th edition of the Laborama, The main event for the laboratory industry, taking place on 14 & 15 March.

“In fact it would be relevant to mention that through XiltriX we could ascertain that one of our platelet
agitators suddenly stopped working therby we were able to prevent product loss.”

Dr Rema Menon
Blood bank Medical Officer
Apollo Hospitals Ltd., Chennai, India

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