XiltriX offers a full range of data sensors

XiltriX offers a full range of data sensors for measuring every critical parameter in your laboratory:

Temperature sensordata Temperature sensors

A wide range of PT100 sensors covering temperatures from -200°C up to +250°C. Different models and form factors are available for cryo vessels, incubators, refrigerators, freezers, ultralow freezers, ovens and surfaces such as heated microscopes. For higher temperatures like muffle furnaces thermocouples are available. XiltriX has designed temperature sensors that specifically fit benchtop incubators like the Esco Miri, Miri TL, Cooper Surgical G185 & G210+, Merck Geri and Origio BT37.

data CO₂ sensors

CO₂ sensor

Vital for IVF and other applications growing living cells in the CO₂ conditions to safeguard the correct pH value. All sensors use dual beam IR technology which makes them very accurate. Available from single sensors to the unique XiltriX 16-channel CO₂ substations with automatic sampling and calibration. XiltriX has designed adapters for CO₂ sensors that specifically fit benchtop incubators like the Cooper Surgical G185 & G210+.

O₂ sensorO₂ data sensors

Long life Oxygen sensor suited for both room condition monitoring (Health and Safety) or to monitor the growing conditions in triple gas incubators with low O₂. Sensors come with 2 independent alarm relays that can be used to integrate booster fans lor local alarms on top of XiltriX integration.

Pressure sensordata Pressure sensor

Differential pressure transmitters with and without display and local alarms to monitor ambient pressure in clean rooms, etc. Available in build-up or flush mounted models. Range is selectable from -1000Pa to +1000Pa with an accuracy down to +/-1 Pa.

Humidity sensorHumidity data sensor

To measure Relative Humidity in CO₂ incubators or clean rooms. Available in wall mounted models as well as models suited for inside climate chambers. Special models are splash resistent to resist heavy cleaning.

Particles counters Particles counters data sensor

Digital integration with Lighthouse newest Apex R5 and R5P laser based particle counters for clean rooms or biosafety areas. Available in versions with internal pump systems or versions that can be connected to a central vacuum system.

Door sensordoor data sensor

In case an incubator or refrigerator is left open, this makes proactive monitoring possible. By adding a special mounting plate the gap between the device and door caused by the gasket can be easily bridged. Special double sided tape keep the sensors well attached.

Air flow sensor

Sensors to monitor air flow inside pipes or laminar Flow Hoods or Biological Safety Cabinets.

Conductivity sensor

To measure water purity inside tanks or demi water lines with very low µS values.

VOC sensorAir flow sensors

Volatile organic carbon sensors with LED display for measuring the amount of pollutants in the air of a lab that might be harmful to living cells.

Shaking sensor

Unique independent way of monitoring the shaking motion of for example thrombocyte shakers, etc.

H₂O₂ sensor H₂O₂ sensor

A pumped sensor to measure the amount of hydrogen peroxide in a room during a fumigation cycle. The sensor is built into a special air tight suitcase with an integrated T+RH sensor. This set can be wirelessly measured by a Telesto substation.

Light (LUX) sensorLight (LUX) sensors

Animal houses have a legal obligation to make sure animals kept for fundamental research are subjected to the correct light intensity and circadian rhythm. XiltriX provides sensors that can track this in real-time

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“Alarming can be fine-tuned locally as well as remotely. Furthermore the system is very robust on a hardware level and there are very few failures. And even when failures do occur, they are dealt with swiftly and reliably.”

Mr Rick van der Heyden
Department of Clinical Physics
The Reinier de Graaf Group – SSDZ Hospital location Delft

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