Food industry

Food industry

Quality data acquisition and management is of great importance now in the food production and testing industry. XiltriX offers the most accurate, real-time information and reports for HACCP and GLP compliance. XiltriX fits seamlessly into your Quality Control procedures whether during production or product storage giving you full traceability and the precise information required during audits and compliance with food category regulations.

Automated Process Monitoring

Aside from just measuring temperature, XiltriX can also measure multiple process parameters. In testing laboratories, cooled incubators are used to grow Agar plates for multiple days. These devices are programmed on the spot to start at any time and run for a number of days. After the growing process, the incubators is switched to cooling to stop the growing process and await further processing.

This kind of incubation is difficult to monitor, specifically since the monitoring system has to sense the START and STOP of a growing cycle. After the start, it has to allow for an alarm DELAY, letting the incubator reach its target temperature. After finishing the growing cycle, the system has to be able to automatically apply new ALARM LIMITS for the cooling process. And finally after switching to this new temperature, the system again has to allow for a DELAY in alarms for the device to reach its new set point. XiltriX is able to do all of this automatically, providing real added value to the growing process.

Ease of Installation

This kind of monitoring can also be used for the monitoring of water baths, autoclaves, media preparators, flow hoods and other machines that do not run at the same set point. The Start/Stop & High/Low sensor devices can be retrofitted to an existing system without having to make electrical changes to the equipment.

Cost Effective

Having a monitoring system that can only monitor the standard parameters does tick some of the boxes, but leaves a lot of risk unmitigated. At the end of the day having a system that can provide a COMPLETE solution will be more cost effective than a low cost system which has to be supplemented by manual measurement, checks and data reporting. Being real-time XiltriX will reports any deviations instantly giving the staff precious time to respond and prevent deviations.

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Han Weerdesteyn

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Case Study – Erasmus MC Central Biobank relies on XiltriX for Risk Mitigation

The Central Freezer Facility started in the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam started with 56 Nordic Freezers containing up to 164.640 samples.

Case Study – XiltriX partnering with IVF Group Ferty9 Fertility Center, India

The Ferty9 IVF group has taken the next steps in optimizing quality by installing XiltriX cloud monitoring in the Kukatpally lab, India.

XiltriX at Laborama 2024 – Brussel Expo – Hall 3, Booth G18

XiltriX International is happy to join into the 24th edition of the Laborama, The main event for the laboratory industry, taking place on 14 & 15 March.

“Alarming can be fine-tuned locally as well as remotely. Furthermore the system is very robust on a hardware level and there are very few failures. And even when failures do occur, they are dealt with swiftly and reliably.”

Mr Rick van der Heyden
Department of Clinical Physics
The Reinier de Graaf Group – SSDZ Hospital location Delft

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