Services & Consultancy

Services & Consultancy

In our more than 30 years of experience in the laboratory monitoring industry, projects have become a lot more complex. For example, IT requirements and security measures have skyrocketed. Every detail needs to be arranged and documented meticulously up front. Instead of working with just one or two people a team of more than 10 people is involved. This makes a successful installation and integration of XiltriX a daunting challenge.

What kind of Server

Depending on the kind of site, XiltriX offers a server solution that will fit the customer’s needs. For customers with a well developed IT team and internet connection XiltriX provides both on premise virtual servers as well as full cloud solutions. If on the other hand customers do not have a stable internet connection physical servers can be provided to maintain monitoring without internet dependency. The XiltriX service does not stop there, maintenance, security updates, software updates and 24/7 support services are just some of the services offered.

Services and consultancy - XiltriX Laboratory monitoring system

Taken by the Hand

The XiltriX Installation has many stakeholders that have to work together to make a project successful:

  • IT team (CISO, IT Architect, Infrastructure specialist, Software deployment specialist, Backup specialist)
  • GDPR Data Management Specialist
  • Laboratory heads
  • Technical team (Installation and Support specialists)
  • Quality Assurance Specialists (QAM) specialists
  • Purchasing department
  • Calibration Specialist

In many cases these people are not used to work together and do not always understand their individual challenges. This is where XiltriX consultants can add value to the process. By breaking down the project in smaller chunks the problems become manageable. XiltriX provides a Project Plan that is followed and documented.

Services & Consultancy

After a successful implementation the service does not stop. In many cases using XiltriX as a quality tool shows labs they have points to improve or are not as ‘In Control’ as they think they are. By analysing the results of the data gathered by XiltriX recommendation for improving operations are made. This results in a continuous improvement cycle.


When working from a QMS (Quality Management System) continuous training of both non-technical as well as technical staff is very important. For a customer to show they are in control every staff member has to be competent in their work and an employer has to have written proof of this. XiltriX offers both on premise and on-site training. National and international customers can join in training session in which real systems can be used to mimic real life problems. Training certificates are offered as proof for the QMS completing the cycle.

If you would like to know more about XiltriX, let me know.

Han Weerdesteyn

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“The system gives us the security that we are in constant control of all our equipment and rooms and, if there are any deviations, we will be notified and appropriate action can be undertaken.”

Bert Rietdijk
Department Head Pharmacy
Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem

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