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In 2024 the Ferty9 group of Fertility Centers has taken the next steps in optimizing the drive for quality by installing the first XiltriX cloud monitoring solution in their Centre of Excellence IVF lab in Kukatpally, India. In the steps following this installation, all of the group’s labs will be outfitted with the XiltriX solution which will be digitally integrated with the existing and new technologies of the Ferty9 Fertility Center Group.

The Story of the Ferty9 Fertility Center

The need for high quality fertility clinics in India is growing at an exponential rate. Ferty9 is India’s third largest and a top IVF chain in South India, serving the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. With a legacy of more than decades in fertility care, they are committed to guiding patients on their journey to parenthood. As a premier fertility center, they combine vast experience with cutting-edge technology to off er comprehensive solutions for couples aspiring to embrace parenthood. *Sources:https://www.ferty9.com/about-us.

Mr. Sandeep Sharma has a rich track record in the fertility industry with experience at some of the largest groups in the country. As Vice President – Embryology of the Ferty9 Fertility group, Mr. Sharma is intimately involved in making Ferty9 the best in the whole country. By using a holistic approach, in which not only patients, but also staff , technologies and suppliers are taking into account, Ferty9 is providing a groundbreaking strategy which results in the best possible care and the highest success rates for patients. in the lab trying to provide the best possible care to all patients.

Stages of the Implementation Process

The first steps in preparing for the XiltriX installation were thoroughly prepared by both the XiltriX International and Ferty9 team. Since the group is rapidly expanding, both the current setup, the expansion and the local support needed to be guaranteed. The modular setup of the XiltriX system can adapted to the any lab situation. The system uses independent sensors as much as possible to provide an additional point of reference for Quality Control (QC) purposes.  Regardless of the laboratory construction, the hybrid system setup provides wireless and hard-wired real-time values for all sensors connected. Not just for one site, but for all sites simultaneously.

Dr. Jyothi C Budi, Medical Director commented:We have been preparing for the installation of this system with the XiltriX team for more than one year. The experience and project management support of the XiltriX team have been instrumental in making this project a success.

The current number of clinics for the Ferty9 group are already exceeding 10, which makes keeping track of the sites in real-time very difficult. Aside from the data flow, supporting the technology continuously in India poses a challenge in itself. XiltriX International has been able to partner with one of the leading companies in the India IVF industry Shinelife Group. Having thoroughly trained the Shinelife staff provides guarantees to the Ferty9 group that any and all issues that arise across India can be taken care of in the shortest amount of time. The 24/7 support and monitoring services of XiltriX provide technical support and assistance for both customers and partners. Mr. Nitul Parikh, CEO from Shinelife Group said:We are very happy to be able to supply the XiltriX monitoring solution in close partnership with XiltriX International. By bringing this monitoring and alarm solution to the India IVF industry will push the quality and success rates to the next level.

Providing real time monitoring solutions in the IVF industry comes with a host of challenges. Firstly, the integration with the equipment in the lab needs to be properly arranged. This requires a high level of knowledge of the devices as well as a cooperation with the equipment manufacturers. Secondly, the installation in the laboratory environment needs to be taken into account. The limitations of the technology and the laboratory operational procedures need to be balanced in creating an environment in which the lab staff can safely perform the procedures without creating a dangerous situation for the patient samples. On top of this both power and internet connectivity are instrumental for the real-time flow of  ata. In case of a power or internet cut, the monitoring system will need to seamlessly adapt to this immediately and fall back on battery back-ups and to a secondary means of internet connectivity.

Mr. Sharma shared his experienceBy utilizing both UPS and 4G failover technology the XiltriX system is able to provide immediate notification in case of a calamity. The cloud server connectivity is also 24/7 monitored by the XiltriX support team, which allows me to sleep better at night.

Ferty9 is investing heavily in continuously upgrading their laboratories with the newest laminar flow hoods with RFID witnessing technologies as well as cutting edge multi chamber benchtop incubators to provide undisturbed cultures  environments for all embryos. The choice of technologies is influenced by the level of control the operator can have on it. Without the ability to remotely monitor the performance, risks of failure remain unmitigated. Mr. Sharma commented:  The existing cooperation and integration XiltriX has with the quality equipment suppliers in the IVF industry has great added value to our laboratories. It prevents the need for us to develop in integration which takes away from the time we can spend on our patients.

Why Ferty9 chose XiltriX

XiltriX has been a trusted solution in the IVF industry for many decades. It has proven the added value of a robust monitoring and alarm service to many labs around the world. Mr. Vinesh Gadhia, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer of Ferty9 commented: “I have had the pleasure of working with XiltriX before. I am feeling blessed to be in business of spreading joy & happiness, helping intending parents to achieve their dream of parenthood with best in class results, ensuring highest standards of safety & ethics, with complete transparency & most importantly at affordable cost! The XiltriX monitoring solution is instrumental in making this vision possible.”

How the Ferty9 uses XiltriX

The Ferty9 clinics are built to the highest quality standards with HEPA and carbon filters in place to eliminate particulate and chemical traces that can harm the patient samples. The XiltriX monitoring solution not only monitors the powers status of the connected power sockets, but also internet connectivity. Critical parameters like ambient temperature, Fridge temperature, Relative Humidity, VOC levels, Door movement and CO₂ levels inside incubators are measured multiple times per minute. In case that any of the parameters deviate from the preset limits the system immediately sends an alert of failure to the on-call users allowing them to rectify the situation and prevent damage from occurring. Mr. Han Weerdesteyn, CCO of XiltriX International commented:We are proud to be able to supply the proven XiltriX technologies to the India IVF industry. The QC support, 24/7 monitoring services and decades of experience are paying off in making this the best and most efficient group of IVF labs in India.



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