XiltriX International organisation change announcement

Rosmalen March 7 2023;

XiltriX International has grown rapidly over the years. With an increase in its international customer base, XiltriX has become a global brand for monitoring services. In order to provide our customers with the services they need, now and in the future, the company also keeps working on improving its software and hardware. This process, and the knowledge related to it, needs to be embedded in the organisation, while at the same time the organisation will have to be able to service a growing customer base.

In order to support the growth and embed our innovations, two changes were recently made in the organisational structure. The management of the Operational Team has been transferred to Annemarieke Langens- van Heel.  Annemarieke has been with XiltriX for multiple years supporting the ISO-9001 certification and Quality Assurance processes. With many years of project Management experience in complex integrated building processes, she is the right person to lift the Operational Team to the next level in order to service our growing customer base.

Project wise, XiltriX is awarded ever larger and more complex projects. These project are complex in number of measuring points, integration with IT systems and need for advice and consultancy during the building process. In short, customers are in need of and demand a more service oriented organisation. To support this motion, XiltriX has created a new department, Project Management and IT support, aggregating the knowledge already existing in our organisation. The management of this new department has been awarded to Wybren Vlietstra. He has a track record of working with XiltriX International for almost 15 years. In that time he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on systems integration, IT integration and security and compliance issues.

The XiltriX International management is very happy to strengthen the growth of its organisation with two such enthusiastic and experienced people. Thank you and good luck in your new roles!

If you would like to know more about XiltriX, let me know.

Han Weerdesteyn

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