XiltriX software integration in AMC teaching hospital Amsterdam

XiltriX alarm integration provides new viewing functionality in Operating Theatre – XiltriX Email alarms are automatically processed on big television screens

ROSMALEN – Dec 22, 2017 – The AMC teaching hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has been using XiltriX campus wide for many years. The AMC hospital was the first Dutch hospital to receive JCI accreditation in the Netherlands. XiltriX is used by many departments ranging from the GMP validated pharmacy to the IVF laboratory and many research departments. All departments are able to fine-tune XiltriX in such a way it adheres to their procedures and supports the JCI accreditation. XiltriX logs all important parameters and send alarm to flashing lights, sirens and via SMS and email.

When XiltriX was going to be installed into the Operating Theatres a new challenge arose. In the OT environment it is not allowed to carry telephones for hygienic reasons, this made the standard way of alarming difficult to implement. Together with the technical team of the AMC hospital, XiltriX engineers worked on a method to get the alarms coming from XiltriX visualised in a modern and safe way.

Project manager of the AMC hospital, Mr. Karel van der Mijl, was kind enough to share the following comment about the software integration project:

“This project has enabled us to quickly and securely present alarm information coming from XiltriX onto the OT alarm screens. With this software integration XiltriX can be expanded into the highly sensitive operating theatre environment and provide the necessary control there.”

Since XiltriX provides highly detailed email alarms that have all relevant information of an alarm in its body of text, this information formed the basis of the integration project. The AMC hospital already used software connected to large screen in the OT that was able to “read” the email messages and visualize them on the existing screens. This way the alarms of XiltriX could be automatically presented and colour coded on the OT screens. The detailed alarm information is shown in real-time. It is even possible to differentiate between ongoing alarms and alarm only in need of acknowledgement.


About XiltriX

XiltriX is the industry standard service in providing data analysis, reporting and documentation for compliance and validation worldwide.

XiltriX is a professional service which provides its partners with the tools to acquire complex laboratory data relating to processes and critical ambient conditions in real-time 24 hours a day. These processes and conditions are compared against strict preset parameters which are put in place to protect your scientific work.

If these scientific processes were to fail then you will be alerted immediately to take corrective measures and the XiltriX solution can analyze the data records in order to identify the anomalies. On the basis of the acquired data, the XiltriX team can complete rigorous process analyses.

XiltriX is the solution for every quality system as it meets the highest worldwide standards such as:

• FDA 21 CFR part 11 • AAAALAC




• GAMP • Joint Commission

• USP797

XiltriX supports its partners at every stage in the laboratory data management process whether it be data acquisition, analysis and reporting to the creation of documentation for compliance and validation purposes.


If you would like to know more about XiltriX, let me know.

Han Weerdesteyn

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