XiltriX Monitoring in IITA Nigeria

Providing integrated solutions for difficult environments

Over the years, XiltriX systems have been placed in many countries around the world. Some of these countries have very well developed infrastructures for power, internet and gas supplies. Others are not there yet. So what do you do when you want to expand your cryo repository and want to make absolutely sure you are not going to lose your samples; you invest in a CryoXiltriX system.

This is exactly what happened almost 5 years ago when I met Dr. Gueye Badara in Vienna. His problem was clear, IITA needed a cost effective cryogenic vessel with a trustworthy controller and a robust monitoring system to grow their cryo repository holding many thousands of precious plant samples. Cryo Products provided the cryogenic vessel with the CryoFill controller and inventory system. XiltriX supplied the monitoring system, training and alarm system to watch over it.

Dr. Badara was kind enough to comment on his experiences with XiltriX: “In general, the XiltriX monitoring system was essential in the implementation of IITA cryobank, started in August 2017. Since the XiltriX International B.V. system was supplied and installed in 2016 at the IITA Genetic Resources Centre (GRC), it showed effectiveness, stability and easy handling for the inventory and monitoring of IITA cryobank. It has been in constant use and has functioned effectively, meeting all expected purposes.”

After 5 years the solution is still working correctly and IITA has decided to upgrade the server and software to the latest available version. They have recognized continued investment and support for this mission critical solution is imperative from a Quality Management System perspective to prevent future sample losses. We are happy and proud to continue our partnership with IITA for many years to come.

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Han Weerdesteyn

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