Session 77: Driving Efficiencies in IVF Upwards

Staying in the Driver Seat of Your Lab and Moving Forward

A XiltriX IVF case study

IVF laboratories are using more and more technology. Varying from benchtop incubators to automatically filled vapor phase storage tank. Not all of these devices can be connected into a centralized digital solution, making monitoring and alarming far from efficient. In this i3 webinar sponsored by XiltriX, hear from Dr. Dimitri Consten, Clinical Embryologist and Laboratory Manager Elisabeth-TweeSteden hospital in Tilburg, how he has found ways to improve efficiencies in his laboratory.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Challenges in improving efficiencies in the IVF lab
  • KPIs to keep in mind in driving efficiency
  • Examples of ways to improve efficiency by data integration

If you want to see the full webinar, please click on the link below to see the recording of this session.

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Han Weerdesteyn