Anne van Veggel finished research internship

Investigating the added values of integrating XiltriX with other data sources

Today our intern Ms. Anne van Veggel finished her research internship on the possible integration of XiltriX with other data sources by handing in her research report. Anne spent the last 11 weeks investigating the possible integrations in different industries by means of questionnaires and interviews. The result is a very extensive report in which the opinions of customers on XiltriX integrations and its added value have been worked out in detail.

A lot of customers have indicated they see added value in integrating with other systems like BMS, LIMS or notifcation brokers like IQMessenger. XiltriX will use the report to guide future integrations, working together closely with many of our customer who have expressed the desire to integrate with another data source. We are happy and excited to see how many people have taken the time to fill out the questionnaires.

Finally, we wish Anne all the best in the last research internship and all the best in her upcoming carrier.

Han Weerdesteyn CCO


If you would like to know more about XiltriX, let me know.

Han Weerdesteyn

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