XiltriX temperature and alarm monitoring of Esco Miri

Providing integrated solution for IVF benchtop incubators

XiltriX has been the monitoring system of choice for many laboratories for many years. Over the years XiltriX has developed bespoke solutions for the IVF industry to safeguard the precious samples of new life. One of the latest developments is the move from box type incubators to multi-chamber benchtop incubators. This move supports the drive for uninterrupted culture with as little disturbances as possible.

XiltriX already has bespoke solutions for the CooperSurgical (K-Systems) G185 and G210 benchtop incubators. Recently, the Esco Miri incubators have made their way into the Benelux labs. Many labs first decide what they want to purchase and only then think about how this could be monitored. Since all benchtop incubators are medical devices, it is impossible to retrospectively introduce sensors if the device was not prepared for this.

The Esco Miri has 6 built-in pt1000 sensors that has a small 4-pin Binder connector on the side of the device. This output can be connected to an input of a monitoring system to continually measure the temperature in each individual chamber. Measuring each chamber individually is important since each chamber has their own temperature regulation and heating element. If one chamber is 37°C, it does not automatically mean the next chamber also is. Aside from the temperature connectors, there is a small mini jack plug for general alarms.

Connecting to these kinds of plug is not always easy. XiltriX goes beyond the standard offering of suppliers and provides connectors with strain relief. Strain relief protects the connector and soldering from accidentally pulling a cable causing a disruption and false alarm of the device. Since soldering in a lab is frowned upon, fixing such an issue is time consuming and cumbersome.

For this reason, XiltriX has built a special enclosure. This enclosure holds 6x pt1000 to mA converters that are already programmed for the Esco Miri temperature range an alarm cable with connector. Because the converters are loop powered, there is no need for additional power supplies in the labs. It is therefore easily cleanable making it suited for IVF labs with a cleanroom environment. The flexible cables come with 2 meter extension and can be directly connected to the Binder and alarm connector. Because of the strain relief, the risk of false alarms is therefore minimized.

XiltriX will continue to offer specialized integrated solution for the field of IVF. If you would like to have more information about this product or other XiltriX solution, please contact us at sales@xiltrix.com.

Han Weerdesteyn



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