Successful Integration of CRYO360°™ Management System using CryoXiltriX in Sao Paulo Cryo Biorepository of CryoForLife

A XiltriX case study

Between 2020 and 2021, CryoForLife projected and built a brand new Cryo360°™ cryo biorepository designed to store IVF and ART samples in liquid Nitrogen using the highest standards of triple redundance which mirror Aerospatiale operational models. As Chief Operational Officer of the new facility, Dr. Christine Allen was tasked with planning, developing, building, and implementing commercial execution of this model, something that was never done before, not only in Latin America, but anywhere else.

The cryo biorepository provides ultra-secure scalable commercial cryogenic storage with continuous real time control and monitoring measures of triple level that adheres to local & international accreditations. Integrating all equipment and software in one solution that is accessible to all CryoForLife clients in real time mitigates risks, by allowing for global remote access. To achieve this Dr. Allen’s expertise led to the executive decision of using CryoXiltriX as a key development partner in integration of the well-known XiltriX real-time monitoring and alarm system, CryoFill, the most advanced cryogenic controller in the world and Alpha mass monitoring, along with ISO Operational Processes. This premium packet, called Cryo360°™ cryo management is the first commercially available, validated & integrated Management tool in the market.

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Han Weerdesteyn

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