XiltriX with CryoFill integration provides control to Boston Place IVF clinic, London UK

XiltriX with CryoFill integration provides control to Boston Place IVF clinic, London UK

ROSMALEN – Mar 7, 2018 – When Boston Place IVF clinic in London needed to expand their cryogenic storage, restrictions in floor space forced them to look at more efficient and advanced storage vessels. It was necessary to move from liquid filled dewars to the automatically filled large volume vapour phase counter parts. Having less autonomy in case of a malfunction, it was imperative to find a complete solution for both cryogenic vessels as well as a monitoring and alarm system. This in order to provide control and alleviate liability.

Finding an integrated solution with proper support is not an easy task, since most competitive brands do not offer a universal system that is brand independent. The cooperation between XiltriX and Cryo Products has resulted in a one of a kind system; CryoXiltriX. The CryoFill controller (supplied by Cryo Products) is universal and fits any brand of automatically filled vessel. CryoFill integrates seamlessly with XiltriX (the monitoring system for IVF labs providing monitoring, data-logging and alarm).

Oriol Oliana, head of the IVF laboratory at Boston Place, kindly shared the following comments.

Oriol Oliana: “From the first minute you can tell that people behind XiltriX are very passionate about their jobs which, in the end, provides a high-quality product.”

The system installed in Boston Place consists of two automatically filled vapour phase tanks (and one back-up tank) connected to XiltriX. XiltriX monitors the temperature of the vessel, liquid Nitrogen level, power failure, container filling and also the room temperature and relative humidity. Data is sent wirelessly to the server and access is possible from all network clients. All measurement data is logged and backed up and alarms are sent automatically via a siren, SMS and e-mail system. This provides total control over the cryogenic storage area.

Oriol Oliana: “XiltriX is a very mature product. It is clearly visible that user input has been integrated into the software, making it more capable than other products.”

IVF laboratories are complex entities that have a lot of parameters that need to be controlled. If one of the controlled parameters deviates, the responsible personnel needs to be notified immediately. XiltriX real-time monitoring system was able to pick-up a deviation in the liquid nitrogen supply system and provide early warning. This resulted in the staff rectifying the problem with time to spare, providing control and preventing damage.

Oriol Oliana: “The ability to personalize alarms and the real-time monitoring of XiltriX helps me to achieve a better cryostorage quality control.”


About XiltriX

XiltriX is the industry standard service in providing data analysis, reporting and documentation for compliance and validation worldwide.

XiltriX is a professional service which provides its partners with the tools to acquire complex laboratory data relating to processes and critical ambient conditions in real-time 24 hours a day. These processes and conditions are compared against strict preset parameters which are put in place to protect your scientific work.

If these scientific processes were to fail then you will be alerted immediately to take corrective measures and the XiltriX solution can analyze the data records in order to identify the anomalies. On the basis of the acquired data, the XiltriX team can complete rigorous process analyses.

XiltriX is the solution for every quality system as it meets the highest worldwide standards such as:

• FDA 21 CFR part 11 • AAAALAC




• GAMP • Joint Commission

• USP797

XiltriX supports its partners at every stage in the laboratory data management process whether it be data acquisition, analysis and reporting to the creation of documentation for compliance and validation purposes.


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Han Weerdesteyn

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