XiltriX v5.3

Major improvements in scalability and functionality

XiltriX International has just released it newest version of the widely used XiltriX software V5.3. This latest version has a lot of added functionality, scalability improvements and supports more redundancy for cloud servers with multiple locations. We have highlighted some of the changes that were made to this version below. Users with a maintenance contract are eligible to receive this version during their maintenance run. If you are interested in getting this versions sooner, please contact our sales team at sales@xiltrix.com our via our contact page.

Parallel data acquisition

XiltriX systems are getting bigger and bigger. Systems with >1000 sensors are no longer an exception. In order to keep the systems agile and quick, parallel data acquisition is a prerequisite. By breaking up the single communication loop into multiple smaller loops, the speed of the measurements will go up tremendously meaning systems can be scaled even better. Every Calypso will be directly connecting to the XiltriX web server. It is now possible to add more than 255 devices to a single server. If wireless communication (Calypso – Telesto) is used, the 4 independent frequency channels will prevent wireless collision, making everything extremely fast.

When using the XiltriX cloud services, this option offers less single points of failure with more redundancy in case of internet or VPN malfunction. Every site will have its own redundant internet connection. Also, with this change communication traffic is moved from UDP to TCP. This makes the traffic more reliable in customer networks that are suffering from UDP packet loss.

Added Email security & SMS reliability

Because of the amount of spam that is being sent these days, more and more security is added to SMTP servers. In order to adhere to the latest standards, XiltriX v5.3 now supports the latest TLS encryption. This means SMTP servers from Microsoft (O365) or Gmail can be used to send emails to users. By adding a number or additional technical alarm for SMS, the reliability and control in case of issues with network or providers can be spotted quickly. The unique SMS Master alarms will be automatically activated to make sure alarms will be sent out for example by telephone.

More functionality and bugfixes

On top of the bigger changes already highlighted, there are a number of smaller additions that are worth mentioning.

  • It is now possible to add the name of the server which is displayed in the client window
  • It is now possible to add 1000 + 1 individual users to the XiltriX database
  • All remaining 32 bit libraries have been fully updated to 64 bit libraries
  • Rendering of the client on very large resolution screens (4K) has been improved
  • Multiple smaller bug have been fixed.

If you are interested in this version, or want to receive the full release notes of this XiltriX software release, please let us know via the contact page.


If you would like to know more about XiltriX, let me know.

Han Weerdesteyn

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