Accessing XiltriX from the beach

Yesterday one of our customers, Dr. Samira B. Lima sent us a couple of pictures of her accessing XiltriX from her beach house in Brazil. The IT department had finalised the VPN setup so she could access XiltriX securely & remotely. This was a huge change for Dr. Lima since it would completely change her routine. Over the last months she got accustomed to driving to the facility and checking up on the tanks every day, also in weekends and holidays. This was before CryoXiltriX was introduced and made her life a lot more convenient.

Mitigated Risk

Without a proper monitoring and alarm system in place the risk of not going to the facility every day and manually checking up on all parameters was simply too great. The old style controllers did not offer insight in the Liquid Nitrogen (LN) level or provide information of the filling of the vessels. With CryoXiltriX installed, the level of real-time monitoring and control has been upgraded up to such a level, going into the facility every day is no longer necessary. Dr Lima can access XiltriX from any location and check-up on all vessels connected. Living very close to the beach means she perform her professional duties and enjoy more time in the sun.

Automated QC Testing

The XiltriX system in the CryoForLife Cryo Biorepository has been running for a couple of months now. The COO Dr. Christine Allen has taken this time to properly setup and test all layers of security which XiltriX has to offer. Firstly, XiltriX sends automated SMS & Email tests on a convenient time every day. This proves XiltriX’ alarm functions are working correctly. On top of that, XiltriX has been programmed to run through a test alarm (QC) test every day, which involves SMS, Email, and telephone dialler systems to be activated. This is possible because of XiltriX’ programmable alarm limits which mimics an actual alarm cycle. This kind of alarm testing provides peace of mind, traceability of functionality, and continually trains the staff how to respond to an alarm situation in case an actual situation would occur. With some much value at stake, Dr Allen felt this is the only way to safeguard these precious samples.

Allowing customers access

Aside from staff, also customers will be able to access their information via the same secure channels as Dr. Lima has been able to. CryoForLife will start filling their tanks with samples in Q1 2022. With XiltriX at the heart of their quality control they can rest assured their samples will be kept safe!

If you would like to know more about XiltriX, let me know.

Han Weerdesteyn

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