First of eight XiltriX installations ART Fertility India commissioned

Providing advanced quality control on one centralised platform

When ART Fertility Clinics India was designing its new group of IVF laboratories, they wanted to be world leaders in Fertility Treatment and Research and achieve a new level of excellence in the India market. Building an IVF lab is one thing, but building a group of laboratories across the subcontinent of India and keeping a tight grip on quality control is not an easy task. In the middle of the pandemic, travelling was impossible and getting proper knowledge transfer was a big challenge. Since XiltriX systems were already used successfully for many years in the Middle East, ART Fertility Clinics choose XiltriX to monitor its group of new laboratories.

ART IVF India facilities

The ART laboratories are outfitted with the most advanced equipment on the market today. State of the art facilities offer patients high quality counselling and treatment. As for the laboratory facilities, a big part of maintaining control is not just installing the equipment, but continuously controlling its performance. XiltriX provides this level of control by real-time monitoring of all important parameters like temperature, CO₂, benchtop incubator temperatures, relative humidity, Oxygen and dewar liquid level. One centralized monitoring platform is used to connect all laboratories of the chain to provide integrated insight in individual equipment and device performance.

ART staff training course by Mr. Wybren Vlietstra

The first XiltriX installation has now been commissioned in Gurgaon in close cooperation with the maintenance and IT team of the ART Group. XiltriX has provided onsite installation support, IT assistance and technical training to all operations staff. This partnership ensures quick response times in case of local issues, even in situation where travelling might be difficult. Mr. Binoi Pillai, responsible for procurement and medical engineering, flew in from UEA to oversee the installation. He was happy to report that in just 5 days the complete installation was finished and ready to go.

In the upcoming time, the remaining labs of the ART Group will be connected to the centralised XiltriX system to create the desired control and ability to have an overarching quality control platform. Additional insight and BI can be generated with the built in API that allows for secure integration with other systems/data sources. XiltriX is proud to be recognised as the world leader in the field of IVF/ART monitoring and alarm solutions!

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Han Weerdesteyn

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