Kuwait Central Blood Bank XiltriX KCBB

XiltriX successfully commissioned in Kuwait Central Blood Bank

XiltriX International operates on a global scale. Very recently, our XiltriX monitoring service was commissioned in the Kuwait Central Blood Bank (KCBB) to safeguard the precious blood and plasma products in cooperation with our local partner Warba Medical Supplies Co. Having experience with other monitoring systems that did not always live up to their expectation, KCBB was looking for something better.

About KCBB

KCBB operates under direct supervision of the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Kuwait. Over the years, KCBB has built a solid scientific reputation and adhering to high quality blood supply chain standards. In the Middle East region, this institution is recognized as a leading institution for the quality of its blood supply processes and its investment in Quality Management Systems. Internationally KCBB has been a pioneer in the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) accreditation and long-time member and significant contributor to the ISBT’s (International Society of Blood Transfusion).

XiltriX Monitoring Services

Mr. Han Weerdesteyn, CCO of XiltriX International, commented that XiltriX is honored to have been awarded the opportunity to provide its monitoring services to the KCBB. XiltriX has been a pioneer in the field of monitoring and alarm systems for over 30 years. Dutch Blood Bank Sanquin being one of the first and most longstanding customers of XiltriX, it is great to see the experience in providing extremely high quality monitoring solutions for blood products is recognized internationally.

The initial installation at KCBB was installed competently by Warba technical staff, Mr. Wybren Vlietstra travelled to Kuwait to commission the system. Making sure both calibration values and finetuning of the alarm services was as accurate as possible. Mr. Vlietstra was also able to train the KCBB staff on how to most efficiently use the XiltriX solution. He commented: “My trip was very nice and the hospitality of both the KCBB and Warba staff has been very pleasant and welcoming. The level of professionalism of this site has exceeded my expectations. I am happy XiltriX is now part of the system safeguarding the priceless blood products of the KCBB.”

Kuwait Central Blood Bank XiltriX KCBBFigure 1: From left to right Abdul Aziz Qattan, Emad Shukir, Rabab. H. Dashti, Ohoud Hamoud Al-Eyadhi, Wybren Vlietstra, Waleed Damra, Bharamappa Uppar

We would like to express our special gratitude to Abdul Aziz Qattan, Emad Shukir, Rabab. H. Dashti, Ohoud Hamoud Al-Eyadhi, from the KCBB and Mr. Husam Asad Saleh, Mr Joji Varghese, Hassan Ahmed, Bharmappa Uppar and Waleed Damra from Warba Medical Supplies Co for the support and hospitality. We are looking forward to building out the relationship.

If you would like to know more about XiltriX, let me know.

Han Weerdesteyn